Accredited by National Resuscitation Council Singapore

Course Duration: Half Day  

Learn how to correctly perform CPR techniques, as well as proper usage of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device for resuscitation purposes.

Course Content:

CPR Component

  • Understanding heart rythms in sudden cardiac arrest

  • Learn the basic structure and functions of organs related to CPR 

  • CPR Practical 

AED Component 

  • Understand functions of the AED and safety issues

  • AED Practical 

Theory and Practical Examination 

Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)

Accredited by National Resuscitation Council Singapore

Course Duration: 1 Day  

Learn skills and knowledge necessary to perform Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS).

Course Content:

  • Learn how to perform both adult and Infant CPR 

  • Learn how to perform airway clearing in both adults and children.

  • Theory and Practical Examination

First Aid Courses

Accredited by National First Aid Council

Course Duration: 3 Days 


Basic First Aid

This course provides a good coverage of common emergencies and correct management. Participants can expect a good deal of back-to-back hands-on involvement during this course.

Standard First Aid

Through this course, participants will learn further details of first aid & adult CPR, including bandaging for wound, immobilisation techniques for fracture and other emergency management.

Standard First Aid with AED 

Besides first aid & adult CPR, there will also be use and application of the automated external defibrillator (AED). This further enhances the lifesaving skills and knowledge of the participants.

Course Content:

  • Learn techniques for dealing with shock, wounds, bleeding, fractures, suffocation and unconsciousness.

  • Participants are taught both theory and hands-on skills such as bleeding control, bandaging, abdominal/chest thrust for choking, CPR

  • AED (Only for Standard first aid with AED)

  • Theory and Practical Examination

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