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Learning to swim should be fun, safe and a great experience. Here at Atelier Aquatic Hub, that is what we strive to provide. The best swimming education experience at a reasonable price.

Our coaches come with a wealth of experience under their belt and teach in small classes of no more than 6 for non-competitive swimmers, allowing you the undivided attention of the best coaches in the industry. The use of private pools allows us to provide a safe and clean learning environment so you can focus on learning.


Good news for swimmers for all ages as well, we offer classes for learners of any age. 

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To be a leading training hub providing fun, safe and great swimming lessons.


  • Safe and clean training environments to facilitate good learning

  • Provide opportunities for continuous learning and growth

  • Professional and committed coaches


+ School swimming programs
+ One-to-one coaching
+ Small group learning and many more

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