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What are your fees like and how many students are there in a class?

Our fees and maximum students in a class varies according to age group and location. Please contact us to find out more on the details.

What to bring on the first swimming lesson?
Please bring along swimwear, goggles and kickboard.

Are lessons conducted on Public Holiday? 
Yes, lessons are conducted on Public Holidays, unless otherwise informed by the company.

How long does it take for my kid to learn all 4 strokes? 

Everyone learn and absorb differently. It really depends on how much water time they have and age plays a part too.

My girl is comfortable with female coach, can it be arrange?

Yes, we do have female coaches and we will try our best to arrange.

What certifications does the coaches possess? 

All our coaches are certified by AUSTSWIM, which is a prestigious organization that trains swimming coaches. This certification is recognized internationally.

Why are Infant and Toddler classes shorter in timing? 

Attention span for younger kids are relatively shorter as compared to the older ones. Hence a shorter lesson time is beneficial for a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Can parents accompany their kids in the water when having lesson? 

For Infant swimming lessons, yes. But for toddler and kid swimming lessons, no. Parents are encourage to leave the swimmer under the care of our coaches. This will aid the kid greatly in learning independence.

My kid has asthma, can he still learn swimming? 
Swimming is actually one of the best sport for asthmatic kids. Please let us know when signing up with us so his/her coach will be aware of it. Also, please bring along their medications (eg. inhaler) when they come for lessons.


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