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lifeguard on duty

lifeguard on duty

lifeguard on duty

emergency response

emergency response

lifeguard emergency response

lifeguard on point

lifeguard on point

lifeguard on point duty

lifeguard equipment

lifeguard equipment

lifeguard equipment



At Atelier Aquatic Safety, maintaining the highest standards of safety is of utmost priority to us – it is a matter of life and death. We have a roster of highly competent lifeguards for you:

  • Equipped with rigorous Bronze Medallion.

  • Trained in industry leading international standards using the Ellis & Associates (E&A) syllabus*, cementing our position as a lifeguard provider which takes safety seriously.

  • Our lifeguards are hence not only locally trained but also constantly updated with international syllabus, ensuring that aquatic rescues are performed in a safe and efficient manner.

Our lifeguards are professional, reliable, thoroughly equipped and quick to react immediately and effectively to handle various life-threatening situations. 

*The prestigious E&A syllabus is an international renowned lifeguard course outlining an extensive training program which promises a highly interactive and physically enduring program for individuals wishing to obtain a new ILTP™ (International Lifeguard Training Programs) certification. Upon successful completion of the course, lifeguard candidates will be awarded a Course Completion Card or an E&A Lifeguard License issued by ILTP™.

For more information, please head to Jeff Ellis & Associates’ official website for full details of the syllabus.

Atelier Aquatic Safety hire lifeguard in singapore


Safety begins and ends with everyone at Atelier Aquatic Safety. Safety is not only the core of what we do, but it is also our way of life.


We are ambitious in always challenging ourselves to provide the best for you. Through continuous learning, we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of providing the best in our services with boundless development.


We promise to only provide quality services with lifeguards who are always vigilant and focused in keeping a watchful eye.



We strive to always work towards delivering beyond our highest level of professionalism in what we do.



We give our best, and never give up in any circumstance. We will always work our hardest to achieve our objectives and goals. Exploring new boundaries and challenges lets us further improve in excelling ourselves.


Yes! We are the best choice for you!

Your SAFETY is our commitment

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