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International and Singapore Certification

Life-saving is an act involving rescue, resuscitation and first aid and it is a critical and valuable skill set that determine the outcome of life endangering situation. With more people being equipped with these skills, the lower our fatality rate.
So help us to make our environment a better place.


Training Courses:

1. Ellis & Associates*
2. Training Programs under Singapore Lifesaving Society

Our Professional Lifeguards are Internationally & Locally Trained

Providing our clients and the public what they need is of utmost importance, and we are flexible to adapt to the lifeguard needs and requirements of our clients. 


To ensure our lifeguards are professionally trained and equipped to perform their duties, our lifeguards undergo regular training and courses to continually upgrade and update themselves with not just local, but also overseas syllabus. 

Lifeguard Provision For:

1. Hotels
2. Clubs

3. Water Events

4. Pool Parties

5. Condominiums and many more

*The prestigious E&A syllabus is an international renowned lifeguard course outlining an extensive training program which promises a highly interactive and physically enduring program for individuals wishing to obtain a new ILTP™ (International Lifeguard Training Programs) certification.


Upon successful completion (congrats!) of the course, lifeguard candidates will be awarded a Course Completion Card or an E&A Lifeguard License issued by ILTP™.

For more information, please head to Jeff Ellis & Associates’ official website for full details of the syllabus.

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